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Project Description
Collab is a collaboration plug-in for Visual Studio that give users the ability to collaborate in real-time using their already in place IDE. This project aims to solve remote collaboration challenges in software development.
A video introducing Collab can be found at (Unfortunately, the text is in Swedish at the moment)

  • Remote code synchronization
  • Remote Highlighting
  • Project Sharing
  • Navigation to users current class
  • Management of groups and contacts

  • Visual Studio 2010
  • IPV6 enabled computer

Future Plans
  • Meta representation of project classes
  • Remote IntelliSense
  • Set file permissions
  • Request permission to open file
  • Follow participant mode
  • Undo specific changes
  • Ability to record a code session

Collab started as a bachelor thesis project at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. Already in the beginning the students, studying Software Engineering, realized that this project had more potential than just being a bachelor thesis project. To leverage this projects full potential we decided to add this project to Codeplex and invite other developers to contribute to this remote collaboration project.

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